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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Geodes (Pagan Blog Project "G")

 My little geode... polished.

I'm a bit of a stone and crystal junkie LOL so you will most likely find that I often incorporate posts regarding stones and crystals... and this week it is geodes, for "G". Geodes come in different sizes, forms, textures, colors... well in lots of different variations, from Agate to Amethyst. A geode is a sphere shaped rock that contains a hollow cavity lined with crystals. There are different theories as to how they are formed in nature.. from volcanic bubbles, to mud balls with combinations of water, gas, and mineral innards, that over time hardened and formed into these gorgeous creations.

You can find them in their natural form and dyed to add color.They are cool, beautiful, and a bit mysterious, and they are fun to crack open to discover what beauty awaits inside, AND they also have some nice metaphysical properties.

Geode properties include: 
Mother Earth energies
visionary properties
energizing the Root Chakra

Some favorite crystals and gemstones actually come from geodes, such as Celestite, Amethyst, Citrine. Other geodes include Malachite, Azurite, Chrysacolla (sometimes a combination of the three), and Septarian.
Celestite (natural) ... I have one almost identical to this one; it's beautiful.

Agate (natural, polished) with a druzy center

Amethyst (natural)

Septarian geodes, aka Dragon Stone
I actually have a real cool chunk of Septatiran Stone; I will include a pic of it at the bottom of this post :)

Malachite and Chrysacolla geode

Citrine geode

Dyed Agate Geode Slab
You can find these in many shops that carry stones; they include blues, greens, pinks, and purples but they are all dyed to enhance the beauty of the patterns formed by Mother Nature and of course, add to their beauty. The dyed geodes are pretty, I will admit, but I prefer their natural appearance. My little geode (at the top of this post) is beautiful... it has all kinds of natural swirls and full of sparkly crystals... it's much prettier in person; the photo doesn't do it justice :(                       

Some geodes having an inner coating of tiny, fine, sparkling crystals; these are called a Druzy or Druse and are often used in jewelry such as pendants and rings. 
An example of a natural agate geode druzy (polished).
Notice the fine layer of crystals on the inside... gorgeous!

an example of a druzy ring

an example of an agate druzy pendant (natural color)

an excellent example of a dyed agate druzy... from alibaba.com


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