"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... it is about learning to dance in the rain" (unknown)

"Without Darkness, there would be no Light" (unknown)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Recovering Slowly

Well, Mom has been home for a few days but still very weak and can't go without her oxygen for very long. I'm still very worried about her.

...Meanwhile, my sister decided she would add a little more excitement to our already stressed lives by falling off the porch the same night that Mom came home. Never fear, she's ok, although miserable; she has a very bad sprang and now hobbling around in a boot-brace.

I am back to work full-time now that Mom is home and settled, and my sis is back to work, or she planned to anyway, don't know yet if she actually made it or not. I am still not completely ready for it myself... I am STILL EXHAUSTED and I'm beginning to think I will never be back to normal LOL.

This is my son's last week of school and he is nervous about Finals.... Good Luck Honey, you can do it! ... Love You!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Well Mom ended up back in the hospital... no surprise there, however this one was REALLY bad. I didn't think she was gonna pull through. She is still in the hospital (almost 2 weeks now) but doing much better; hopefully they will release her soon. She scared the Hell outa me!

I got my biopsy results: the spot on my forehead that they thought looked like Basil Cell is Benign (yay!) the spot on my arm is Pre-Cancer and I have to have it re-treated. The damned thing is still an open wound, and they are gonna use the liquid nitro on top of it. They told me it was gonna get worse before it gets better. My appointment is in 2 weeks.

Other than that... I am completely wiped out! (as is Deb and Drew) We are all half-assed functioning right now.

On a good note: Shyla is walking all over the place; she is so darn cute!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dermatologist Visit

Well, saw a dermatologist yesterday afternoon about some spots:
  • one on upper right forehead
  • one on right forearm
  • two small ones onmy nose
  • one in lower center forehead

Doc cut and cauterized the ones off my upper forehead and forearm. He said the one on my arm, he isn't too sure about but wanted to take biopsy just in case, and the one on my upper forehead... he said that one resembles Basil Cell; he said it could be an overgrown sweat gland but could be Basil Cell. I will have the biopsy results in about a week or so. The smaller spots on my nose and center forehead were treated with liquid nitrogen as pre-cancer as a preventative measure... just in case. Not looking very pretty, and probably won't for awhile LOL I'll probably have scabs on my nose for a week or longer, then most likely light scarring. The bigger regions will have more scarring. It sucks getting old LOL oh well... comes with the territory of living in AZ and spending your teen years worshipping the sun hoping to get a nice dark tan (eye roll) What we do to ourselves!