"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... it is about learning to dance in the rain" (unknown)

"Without Darkness, there would be no Light" (unknown)

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Art: Finding Peace

My friend Magaly has issued a blog challenge: Finding Peace... a Bit at a Time to blog about whatever it is we do that nourishes us.

Mostly, I love to draw and paint. My artwork brings me peace; it gets my mind off my troubles, and permits me to create a bit of beauty in periods of darkness. It's therapeutic, perhaps even meditative.

My current work in progress: Morrigan.
The goddess was my inspiration, so naturally I titled it after her. She's gazing into the distance, perhaps using her sight to see the future and/or current events. She wears a raven headress, and painted wings upon her eyes. Ravens are in the distance, with a full moon lighting their path. The unfinished symbols are sigils that are messages to myself, and for my home:
(1) I am one with the sun, moon, and sea
(2) I learn to love myself
(3) This place is protected

Two of my other recent pieces...

Acrylics and copper foil

"Guardian of the Forest"
Watercolor, acrylic, and pen

Sunday, December 9, 2018


Beads of sweat accumulated, rolling down her back in salty rivlets as the merciless sun, in all its bright glory sent its heat to mock her and her physical efforts.

Winter.... where?

The sun does not slumber a wintry death in the southwest; Great Lugh remains bold and bright as ever, warm... perhaps less miserable, but mostly, always present.

She walked her unfinished maze, adding a few rocks here... realigning rocks there, squating, walking, admiring... her thoughts never staying on any particular subject long, before jumping to the next.

The pebbled dirt was still damp from day before yesterday's rain. Earth's scent filled her nostrils as she squatted down, reassembling the scattered rocks that marked the curved edges of the maze. Sharp pebbles bit into the bottoms of her bare feet, making her wince in pain.

She longed for greenery, flowers, wildlife, and the whispering of pine trees, gurgling rivers, cool breezes, and the healing of the forest... all left behind for desert, concrete, financial security and family.

The sacrifice was well worth it in some respects, but her soul feels as though it is smothered and withering. She recognizes that her life is unbalanced. She yearns for nature and spiritualty... hence the maze in her ugly backyard.

Someday she would finish her maze.

Someday she would have plants, grass, and hopefully a tree.

Someday the backyard would nourish her hungry soul.