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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dermatologist Visit

Well, saw a dermatologist yesterday afternoon about some spots:
  • one on upper right forehead
  • one on right forearm
  • two small ones onmy nose
  • one in lower center forehead

Doc cut and cauterized the ones off my upper forehead and forearm. He said the one on my arm, he isn't too sure about but wanted to take biopsy just in case, and the one on my upper forehead... he said that one resembles Basil Cell; he said it could be an overgrown sweat gland but could be Basil Cell. I will have the biopsy results in about a week or so. The smaller spots on my nose and center forehead were treated with liquid nitrogen as pre-cancer as a preventative measure... just in case. Not looking very pretty, and probably won't for awhile LOL I'll probably have scabs on my nose for a week or longer, then most likely light scarring. The bigger regions will have more scarring. It sucks getting old LOL oh well... comes with the territory of living in AZ and spending your teen years worshipping the sun hoping to get a nice dark tan (eye roll) What we do to ourselves!

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