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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oracle Card: Cybele

I haven't drawn a card in months and last night I felt the urge to do so. As it often happens, a card fell out during shuffling; when this occurs, the card in question has a special meaning or message for the person asking the question. When I am working with oracle cards, my question is just this: "What message do you have for me?"

Mistress of Animals
This card says: "Acknowledge your animal nature"

Cybele (aka Kybele) is the Mistress of Animals, a Great Mother Goddess and Earth Mother or Mountain Mother of Rome; she was born of Stone. Her associations include: hawks, lions, mountains, protection, primitive Earth, the wild untamed nature, fertile soil, caverns, unrestrained sexuality, independence and strength, cleansing and rebirth, and the Grecian goddesses Rhea and Demeter.

She is often depicted as wearing a turret or mountain-like crown, sitting on a thrown with either a lion in her lap or a lion at each side, or driving a lion drawn chariot.

By drawing this card, I am being told to embrace or acknowledge my "animal" nature OR wild nature, or maybe to seek the mountains and nature. I am seeing a connection here... I have definitely been pulled to the forest lately, and interestingly enough... the first trailhead I sought not only was on a mountain, but it included a gorgeous view of the mountains West of it, AND some of the ground I walked on was literally stone... huge slabs of stone, like an ancient stone floor, as well as surrounded by outcroppings of large rocks. This is the area that had so much trash; the area I want to return to and clean up this weekend, if the weather holds. 

I will try to take photos of the "stone floor" when I go back. I definitely had the impression of "primitive" as well as "cool, this looks like an ancient floor or something!" when I was walking on that area. It kinda had the ruin-like-feel to it, and I wondered if it was a natural floor or if it was deliberately laid... although the stones are huge, so perhaps it is natural after all.

So the question is, is this a message to embrace/acknowledge MY wild nature, or to embrace/acknowledge THE wild nature? I'm leaning towards THE wild nature. Perhaps the Mountain Mother is requesting my presence and she approves of my desire to return and cleanse that area of the disrespectful trash... she is encouraging me to do so... or calling me to do so because I have become more and more determined to go back and clean up; I'm actually really looking forward to it, and as I sit here writing this...  I am getting the impression of an offering. Perhaps I will take her some flowers when I go back.

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