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"Without Darkness, there would be no Light" (unknown)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mom Update #2

I stopped by and saw Mom after work today; she was sitting up in bed with 3 cups of fluid on the tray in front of her, one was coffee, some water, and another coffee cup... I think it was broth, and she had an empty jello container too; it was sure glad to see. She's talking easier and she's voicing her frustrations with Medicare, etc... definitely a sign she is feeling better. Feisty is good right now, although I was afraid she was going to get herself all worked up, which is not a good thing right now.

I didn't stay very long... I'm wiped, I really am, and I have to keep working, so I can't wear myself down; tomorrow is my Friday though so I can spend more time with her soon.  She is having some problem breathing which concerns me. They are giving her breathing treatments and have reassured her she is fine, yet she is almost panting. I don't like it. My sister should be with her right now... but she's not answering her phone... she might have it off or on vibrate and can't hear it. I'm sitting here debating what the heck to do... go back to the hospital? Drive by the house? Get some rest?

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