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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mom Update #1

I went to work today... running out of Leave time and I need to take my son to the Valley one day next week, so today I went tot work; however I did go check on her at lunch time. They just finished taking her off the ventilator when I showed up so she was awake and talking (quietly); her throat and chest were hurting her a bit from pulling out that tube. I was told that she did have a heart attack, but a small one and there was no significant damage to her heart this time. So we chatted for a little bit before I left to grab lunch and head back to work.

Medicare capped her and stopped paying for her meds for the rest of this year, so she got frustrated and quit taking ALL of her medications... blood thinner, blood pressure, insulin, EVERYTHING, and that is what triggered this go round (sigh). You can imagine how frustrated I am!  What was she thinking! She could have died, or had a stroke, etc.... seriously, that was a R E A L L Y dumb decision on her part. I can understand her frustration but she still had some medications at home, so why didn't she keep taking those? UGH!

Love her, love her, love her, but she frustrates me... pay backs are a b#tch I suppose, but damn it, she needs to stop and think about the damage she is doing to her body every time she pulls this crap!


  1. Will keep you and your mom in my thoughts and prayers.

    My mom is getting up there in years and we've had some frustrating health issues to deal with - it is just unbelieveable how awful the whole health care system is as far as Medicare is concerned - my mom nearly died earlier this year from a urinary tract infection that was allowed to go untreated for over six months because the doctor refused to order the test. Once in the hospital and we almost lost her they found the infection and treated her with heavy duty antibiotics. And she was severely dehydrated. Now she is doing better - she still doesn't drink much water, and has gone back to living mostly on just diet soda (which is dehydrating!) and still smokes cigarettes.

  2. Thank you Lady Rose. Yes, she doesn't know what to do about her medications; she can't afford out of pocket cost and now Medicare cut her off for the rest of the year. What are people in this situation suppose to do, lay down and die? I suggested she speak with the hospital social worker; maybe she can help us find other options. I'm sorry to hear about your Mom as well, but I'm glad she is doing better... that's a blessing!