"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... it is about learning to dance in the rain" (unknown)

"Without Darkness, there would be no Light" (unknown)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Samhain/Halloween Night

As it turned out, I didn't get many trick-or-treaters at my house, I had two plus my grandkids, so I have tons of candy left over LOL.  I watched a scary movie, fell asleep on the couch, picked up my son from work, and did a reading before bed... but as it turned out, there was no bedtime for me that night.

My Grandkids...

Becca, Monarch Butterfly

 Kaden, Gorilla

Shyla, Witch


I drew my circle, called the Quarters, the Lady and her Lord, and my ancestors (passed loved ones, and my Celtic ancestors) before I began shuffling. I welcomed them and asked for their protection, wisdom, and the ability to receive and understand their messages to me, then proceeded with the shuffling and cutting of the cards; I drew the following:

(1) Me: Death (Change) I am experiencing Change in my life
(2) Crossing Me: Seven of Swords (Diplomacy) I will need help to deal with a situation
(3) Present: Page of Wands (Potential) There is a spark of light in the darkness... there is hope
(4) Root of the Matter: Four of Cups (R) (Discontent) I have been fighting depression
(5) Past Influence: Four of Wands (R) (Development) this urges me to not give up, things are still developing and will be ok
(6) Future Influence: Five of Swords (Defeat) This tells me I need to accept my limitations, and to assess the situation before moving forward.
(7) My Attitude/View: Four of Swords (Rest) I have been experiencing a reprieve from the depression and life has been pretty quiet... the calm before the storm, as I see it. (of course this was before the phone call) I just blogged about this very subject a few days ago!
(8) Other's View Regarding the Situation: Sacrifice I need to accept that all things change and something has to leave my life for something else to enter.
(9) My Hopes/Fears: Four of Discs (R) (Manifestation) my refusing to let go of the past and my fear of the future keep me from moving forward.
(10) Outcome:  Nine of Swords (R) (Suffering) If things stay on this path I will experience a mental breakdown/depression... a magnitude of loss... something is going to shake my world. This card says I may need help from a counselor/therapist to help me move through it, so it may be a doozy.

What I got from this reading is changes... something that will shake my world. The first thing that came to mind was Mom; she's had major health issues for 5 years now. Notice all the Fours; every suit represented by Fours. Fours represent Change. If you read all my recent posts concerning pulling Oracle Cards, they all relate to change. I'm about to experience a major turning point in my life and according to this Reading, it's going to cause me distress.

I kid you not, within five minutes of writing the cards down in my journal, I got a phone call from my sister telling me she just called 911 on Mom, so it was off to the Emergency Room for me, where I spent the night sitting with Mom. They intubated her; the diagnosis last night was Diabetic Keto Acidosis which caused respiratory failure, but no signs of a heart attack, and her lungs looked clear. 

After returning home at 5 A.M., I slept for most the day, then went back to the hospital to check on her. At some point today her heart enzymes increased so they did an echo cardiogram and x-ray, but we won't know the results until tomorrow. I didn't stay very long with her today because I'm exhausted; she's still intubated and appears to be resting peacefully, but she is sedated; her numbers looked pretty good when I left.

So... it begins.

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