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"Without Darkness, there would be no Light" (unknown)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 3 of 15 Days of Thankfulness

November 12 - Day 3 -  3 relatives or people from your past/present that you are thankful for.

Only three? But I have more than three LOL, okay fine...

1. Dee Ann, my best friend of 30-something years. We have been through it all, ups and downs, and even fights but our friendship and love always persevered. She moved out of state several years ago and although I haven't seen her since, we keep in touch via facebook, email, and phone. Dee Ann is a true treasure and I miss her everyday, sometimes to the point of tears.

2. My Mom :)  We may not always agree and have had some ugly moments in our past, but she is one special lady and I love her dearly. I was pure hell as a child and teenager, and a source of frustration and heartache until I reached 40 I think... that's when I finally grew up and came to terms with myself and life. Mom stuck through it all, even if she wanted to kill me at moments LOL. She is my Mother, and my friend, and now our roles have somewhat reversed and she is sometimes my source of frustration and heartache because she refuses to understand that her medication is essential and because of that, I have almost lost her several times... but she manages to always pull through, after scaring the hell out of us each time. She is hard headed, and loves her family unconditionally, she speaks her mind and doesn't believe in beating around the bush, she has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh. She's tough on the outside, but in truth she is very soft on the inside; she's a hard worker, has strong morals, great intuition, wisdom, and very protective when it comes to her family; she's a fighter and not afraid to stand her ground... and she's the best Mom ever!

3.  My youngest son Drew. I knew when he was born that he was special and he has proved it many times over the course of his life. In some ways he has always been older than his years... I don't know how to explain it; he's always had this knack of knowing things.... a wisdom and maturity, and intuition. He's a very sensitive young man, and by saying that I mean emotionally as well as spiritually. I think he is an empath as well as sensitive to the spirit realm; like me he sometimes sees spirits but although he doesn't feel them like I do he can 'feel' his surroundings and other people; he knows when something is not quite right. He also has psychic dreams occasionally, but all that is not why I am so thankful for him. We have a very close bond; he's my son, but also a friend, he is compassionate, caring, loving, and always want to make his Mom feel better... when I'm sick or having a bad day. He has the ability to help me understand things/people, and help me work out problems. He's also fun to be around and often makes me laugh. I am truly blessed to have Drew in my life, and as my son.

I also want to take a minute to recognize my sister Debbie, my oldest son Clint, my beautiful grandchildren Becca, Kaden, and Shyla, my Uncle Eddie, my cousin Misty, my friends Dannie and his wife Tina, my Dad (passed), my Aunt Jane (passed), my cousin Dusty (passed), my cousin Cliff (passed), and my beloved Grandpa and Grandma (both passed)... these individuals are very special to me and I am thankful for each of them in my life.

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