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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 1 of 15 days of Thankfulness

November 10th- Day 1- An Author, Artist, & Musician you are thankful for.

Hmm, picking just one author, yikes! I love to read and have many faves; how do I pick just one? ... and do I want to choose a fiction or non-fiction author?  Since I favor fiction I will choose one of my favorites from that genre...  

Laurel K. Hamilton; she has two different series that I have been reading for years and she always leaves me hungry for more.  (1) the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series, (2) the Merry Gentry series.

Anita Blake is an Animator that raises the dead for a paycheck, as well as a Vampire Executioner and U.S. Marshal working with the Regional Preternatural Investigation Team. In Anita's world not only do Vamps and Weres exist , they have citizen rights. These are sexy erotic books full of drama, crime fighting, and delicious characters. You see, Anita is the lover of the Head Vampire, Jean Claude, Master of the City, as well as Richard the Alpha of the local werewolf pack... and a few others as well.
Meredith Gentry aka Merry is a faery princess who left the Unseelie Court to become a Private Investigator; she is not-so-successfully hiding from her past and her family while solving crime with Grey's Detective Agency. Along the way Merry's Aunt assigns her bodyguards... several very yummy Unseelie bodyguards/ lovers. As Princess it is Merry's duty to produce an Heir, and if she fails not only does she lose her crown, but the penalty is death.  This is another very erotic and sexy series. Can you say, "Yum!"

Josephine Wall; Her work is amazing! The colors and details of her subjects, landscapes and dreamscapes are absolutely exquisite. I love her paintings! 

Loreena McKennitt, hands down! I love her music! She is my absolute favorite Celtic musician. Her voice is beautiful and sometimes haunting and her music includes a variety of instruments from accordion, harp, piano, cello, fiddle, lyra, and more. Loreena's music is magickal; I would love to see her in concert.

This concludes my first day of the 15 Days of Thankfulness posts. If all goes well, I will be posting a new list of thankfulness each day until Thanksgiving.

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  1. I love L.K. Hamilton, and Merry Gentry is one of my favorite series.

    Josephine Wall is pretty amazing. Those colors and shapes make me feel like I got lost in a beautiful dream, and I don't mind.