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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mom Update #5

My son and I spent the last 2 days in the Valley at the hospital with Mom. I got down there Monday afternoon and immediately had car problems (my sister's truck), took it to a friend who has a shop and he looked at it for me. He thinks its the Transfer Case and told me to leave it in 2 wheel drive and I should be fine... sure enough, I was fine. I originally had the truck on Auto because when we left town to go to the Valley it was snowing and raining off and on; luckily all that was over and done with on the way back today.

So Mom finally had the Angiogram yesterday and it came out negative... yay! She was supposed to be released yesterday evening but after waiting around until after 8 PM we were informed that her Internal Medicine Doctor wanted her to stay until today. Boy was she cranky!!

We ended up getting a hotel room for the night; neither of us slept very well and woke up earlier than we had planned. We stayed at Sleep Inn... had a hell of a time finding it at night; as it turned out, it was inside the area surrounding Superstition Springs Mall... couldn't see it from the street at all.  The rates were very reasonable $59.99 for a room with two double beds. The room was a little small and the bathroom was tiny, but  the beds were super soft and I fell in love with their pillows. I would have loved to sneak a couple of the pillows out to the vehicle LOL but I was a good guest and left them all in the hotel room when we left. They had a nice continental breakfast.... you could make your own waffle, yum! So I did just that.... never made a waffle before, and it was delicious!

With our stomachs full but still dragging butt, we returned to the hospital and played another round of the waiting game. The Doctor didn't even show up until sometime around Noon; he released her, but it took another hour or so before we were finally on our way back home with Mom sleeping in the back seat.

Mom is home with Deb; when we left they were going over her medications. I informed Deb that Mom had to fill her prescriptions at Wal-Mart form now on because they have a list of $4 prescriptions and they close at 5; I also reminded her that Mom needs to make an appointment with Dr. G tomorrow as well as Hospice.

Supposedly Hospice will assist in paying for her medications even though she is not a Hospice patient. Every little bit helps, and Mom is real concerned about not having the money to buy her meds now that Medicare has capped her for the remainder of the year. She has something like ten different medications she has to take for the Congestive Heart Failure, Diabetes, COPD, Kidney Disease, High Blood Pressure, and Artery Disease... poor Mom. I'm hoping she will return to a regular regimen and stay out of the hospital! AND I hope she realizes now that she cannot go without her medications (sigh). I love her, love her, lover her, but she is one hard headed woman!

Drew and I are back home and completely wiped out. I hope to sleep good tonight.... have to be at work in the morning, ready or not. I'm running out of Leave time :(

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