"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... it is about learning to dance in the rain" (unknown)

"Without Darkness, there would be no Light" (unknown)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

True Happiness Comes From Within

Satisfaction should not be a measure of the material luxuries in life. We need to return to the simple life, taking joy in the small things, not measuring our happiness by material gain. The World has gotten out of control; WE have gotten out of control… it’s become a matter of greed.

Material things do not bring happiness; money does not bring happiness. Happiness comes from within; it comes from being grateful for the small things. What happened to our values; with weighing the NEEDS from the WANTS? Quit looking for happiness in material possessions. Stop looking at others with envy for what they have. Be happy with what you HAVE; not everyone is lucky enough to have the comforts that you have right now.

As long as you continue to look for happiness from Without, you will never experience true happiness and peace. Being happy, satisfied, and peaceful comes from you… WITHIN you. It is about self discipline, patience, gratitude… simplicity.

Forget the LED television, the pimped up vehicle, the wall shaking stereo, the fancy house with all the trimmings… do we really need these things? Don’t look to your neighbor; look to YOURSELF! Focus your thoughts on how lucky you are to have a home, a roof over heads, heat in the Winter, a cooler in the Summer, running water, food in your pantry, the love of your family and friends, your job, a vehicle that runs enabling you to get to work and to run your errands, the ease and comfort of electricity, the beauty of each day, the smell of rain!

What do you suppose would happen if we returned to a simpler way of life? I bet you crime would decrease, the economy would increase, stress and depression would be relieved, and much more… can you imagine? Would it be worth it to you? It’s worth it to me. Put aside your greed and COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS; look within, not without.


  1. Perfectly said. Another quote I like about always trying to improve yourself is "I am already enough". We are all beautiful right now, nothing is missing, we just have to let it show. Kevin

  2. @ Melissa and Kevin, thank you for stopping by and commenting; I love your quote, and agree... not only do we have to let it show... we need to realize it and accept it :) Blessings!