"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... it is about learning to dance in the rain" (unknown)

"Without Darkness, there would be no Light" (unknown)

Monday, October 17, 2011

An Autumn Rose!... and Tonight's Card

An Autumn Colored Rose! I just thought it was so pretty; a coworker gave it to me this morning.

Look at the colors... it so fits in with this season of golds, and reds.This photo doesn't do it justice; the colors were so bright, they almost reminded me of candy corn, but then again, I do have the munchies right now!  LOL Seriously though, I have never seen a rose this color before; it's beautiful!

Now on with the card!...

Tonight's card is Erzulie, the Voodoo Goddess of Luxury; she is the spirit of love, beauty, finery, dancing, flowers, wealth, and perfume. Erzulie is very feminine and fond of finery, and beauty; she is always beautifully clothed and perfumed. 

Also known as the Goddess of Love, Erzulie has three husbands and wears a ring for each and she was known for her flirtatious, girly manner. Her traditional symbol is the heart, but she is also associated with the Moon and bodies of water, as well as home and emotions. Her different aspects range from flirtatious Maiden to fierce warrior Mother, and Crone... a Triple Goddess; she is loved as well as feared for her unpredictability. 
Her Card Says:
"Use luxury to soften your heart"

By drawing this card, I am basically being told that through seeking beauty and/or luxury, I will feel better; I should take time to enjoy the beauty around me, or treat myself to something special, perhaps something feminine to make me feel beautiful, and by doing so my spirit will be lifted, and my heart will be lighter.

I actually took some time tonight and did some house cleaning; although my back is currently killing me, I am in a better mood. Maybe this card can also represent something as simple as tidying my surroundings; they say that a clean and tidy environment helps depression... and we all know it affects the energy of a room... now if I could just tackle my bedroom! 

The problem though, is lack of space; this is a small 2 bedroom house with no storage space. I wish I had a usable storage shed in my backyard! The one I have has a rotten floor no door, and leaks, so I really can't use it for storage... dang it. So I still have stuff in boxes piled in my bedroom from the move in April; needless to say, my bedroom is a mess, and being as this is my sanctuary and I spend most my time here... this mess could be my problem; it's effecting the energy flow of the room as well as my mood. Although... for last few days I have been feeling somewhat better.

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