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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday Morning's Cards

I woke up early this morning... freezing LOL and ready to start my day, which is a rarity for me because I am more of a night person, with insomnia and mornings and I just don't agree LOL. So being as I had some extra time  this A.M. I decided to pull some cards before heading to work. I pulled one card from my Healing with Angels deck, and one card from my Goddess Inspiration Oracle deck.

From the angel deck I drew the card New Beginnings (self explanatory); from the goddess deck I drew Anuket the Egyptian Godess of Prosperity, Fertility and Water... mainly the Nile. Her name translates to "the embracer"; her other titles include Giver of Life, Lady of Life, Nourisher of the Fields, and Mother of the King. Her other associations includes things that move quickly such as arrows and the gazelle; she is actually depicted either as a gazelle or a woman with the head of a gazelle, also sometimes with a crown of ostrich feathers.

Anuket's card says:
"Your life will overflow with blessings."

By drawing these two cards it is being indicated that things are changing; something that will change my circumstances, leading to a new beginning... and it will bring blessings into my life.

When I get a card like New Beginnings it makes me nervous... and The Tower automatically comes to mind. The idea of some thing/event entering my life and causing change makes me cringe. Change can often be disturbing, but ultimately, although it could be disruptive and emotional, it is for a higher purpose... it just scares the sh!t out of me because I fear what it could mean. I have a real bad habit of stressing over my future; I KNOW it does me no good to do so... which reminds me of a quote:

"Stressing about tomorrow does not empty tomorrow of its troubles; 
Stress empties today of its Strength"

Unfortunately, my inner dark voice is a bit of a worrier, and it brings on this instant reaction, which requires me to call on my favorite weapon in these circumstances: Positive Affirmations.... they aide in defending myself against those ugly thoughts that sneak up whispering negativity and stirring up turmoil. 


Let the Positive Affirmations commence!

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