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Friday, April 27, 2012

Inanna (Pagan Blog Project "I")

I am lacking in inspiration this week, and I'm blaming this on my current and exhausting exercise regimen LOL I am so sore and tired that I can't even think of something semi-interesting to post about for the letter "I".  Yep, in my pursuit of health and improving my quality of life, I am not only eating healthier but have added Kickboxing on Tuesdays and Thursdays, to my already existing Zumba routine on Wednesdays. I love both, I really do; they are fun, but I spend my weekends just recouping LOL Last night's kickboxing did a thorough job of kick my ass, and today I am hurting... inner thighs, lower back, upper arms, upper back, knees, feet.... O M G.

I decided to post about Inanna this week. Inanna aka Ninnanna, daughter of the Summarian sky god, An, but also the Moon god, Nanna, is probably one of the most well know goddesses in Paganism. She is the goddess of grain, fertility, love and war; she is a lover, healer, protectress, lifegiver, and a strongly independent female; her personality has many attributes:

and last but so NOT least... 


Warrior Protectress

The decent of Inanna

Other names: Mother Goddess, Goddess of the Morning and  Evening Star, Goddess of the Earth and Sky.

Innana's Song of Power
"My father gave me the heavens, gave me the earth,
I am Inanna!
Kingship he gave me,
queenship he gave me,
waging battle he gave me, the attack he gave me,
the floodstorm he gave me, the hurricane he gave me!
The heavens he set as a crown on my head,
the earth he set as sandals on my feet,
a holy robe he wrapped around my body,
a holy sceptor he placed in my hand.
The gods are sparrows -- I am a falcon;
the Anunnaki trundle along -- I am a splendid wild cow;
I am father Enlil's splendid wild cow,
his splendid wild cow leading the way!"

Some Correspondences:
Eight pointed star or Rosette
East, and West
Lapis Lazuli and Bloodstone
Spring Equinox
Dawn and Evening
Crescent Moon and Dark Moon
Apples, Bread, Dates, Grains, Figs, Olives, Wines
Cow, dove, dragon, lion, viper, scorpion, sparrow, sheep

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