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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Holistic Healing with Hydrotherapy (Pagan Blog Project "H")

Hydrotherapy is a therapeutic healing process used to revitalize and restore health; it has actually existed for centuries in ancient Rome, China, and Japan, but probably the most well known source is Sebastian Kneipp, priest who treated disease by eliminating body toxins and waste through the use of... yep you guessed it, water. He revolutionized Naturopathy after curing himself of Tuberculosis by immersing himself in the freezing Danube River. This prompted his study of the healing power of water and plants. He was known to send people to the local hot springs and mineral springs for a healthy dose of a good soaking. He became a pioneer in the field of holistic healing and holistic teacher.

How does applications of water and soaking in water restore health? Well, we all know cold water is stimulating and refreshing but it also causes blood vessels to constrict, slowing the flow of blood to organs, and alleviates swelling and bruising; hot water of course is relaxing and soothing, aids in alleviating muscle pain and stress/anxiety, but it also causes blood vessels to open up, and aids in eliminating toxins and waste from body tissue. When you combine the two by alternating hot and cold you are aiding you body in eliminating waste, improving circulation, decreasing inflammation, reducing pain, stress/anxiety, aiding your digestive and immune systems, as well as calming your pulmonary and endocrine systems. Can you say, WOW!

Hydrotherapy treatments include, steam baths, spas, hot and cold compresses or wraps, foot soaks, sitz baths, water massage.

Hot Spring/Healing Water Deities

Sulus, goddess of the hot springs in Bath, England
Adsullata, goddess of hot springs
Arnamentia, goddess of spring waters, healing and purification
Sirona, goddess of healing springs and waters
Aveta, goddess of healing waters
Temazcalteci, goddess of steam baths and medicine
Borvo, god associated with bubbling spring waters
Glanis, god of a healing spring in Glanum
Grannus, god associated with spas and mineral springs
Brigid, goddess associated with healing waters


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