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Friday, November 4, 2011

Mom Update #4

Drove down to the valley early this morning and sat with Mom all morning and into afternoon by the time the Doc that was doing the Angiogram came to see her and informed us that he didn't think it was necessary. She has fluid in her lungs so that is is first priority to get her lungs cleared up. He said her heart sounds good and her numbers are good, as is her color, and she's breathing much easier today. So they will keep her down there and watch her, and he will call Dr. G up here and if Dr. G still wants the Angiogram done, he will do it another day.

So I drove back home and went to bed and slept for a couple of hours, but still... I AM EXHAUSTED. Tomorrow is my sister's turn to go down.

As far as my sister's cyst... she finally got to talk to her Doc's nurse and they don't seem concerned about it at this point. The Doc doesn't think its the cause of her migraines... maybe because of the location? I don't know, but Deb feels relieved after speaking to the nurse, although... she is smoking again (sigh) she had stopped but I guess between Mom's problems and her scare with the cyst, she began again, dang it. She knows how it effects her asthma, and she was in the ER last week with breathing problems. Ugh!

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