"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... it is about learning to dance in the rain" (unknown)

"Without Darkness, there would be no Light" (unknown)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Days 9-12 of 15 Days of Thankfulness

I fell behind on my blogs, so I am combining them into one. Shame on me, I know (tsk tsk).

November 18 - Day 9 - 3 upcoming events that you are looking forward to and are thankful for.
This one is a tough one. I'm not much of a holiday person; holidays are stressful and depressing for me, especially now with Dad gone and with money being so darn tight, but here goes nothing:

(1) Thanksgiving Dinner- this will take place on the day before Thanksgiving at my cousin Misty's house. The idea was to get as many of the remaining family together, but that didn't work out so well. Drew and me will be the only ones attending from my immediate family. I tried to get my Mom and sister to go but Misty ended up changing the dinner to Wednesday, which knocked my sister out of attending because she has to work... and being as her attendance has been so poor, she says she cannot get any time off, and Mom... well she is still recovering from her most recent bout of Congestive Heart Failure, and now has a cold or something. I'm worried about a relapse. Sooo her and Deb will be staying home. My oldest son and family will not be joining us either.... Britt has to work.

This year may be the last holiday meal we have with Misty; she is moving out of State, so I'm looking forward to spending some time with her... it's kind of of rare that we ever get together.

(2) I would say Christmas... but ugh! I dread it every year. I should be looking forward to dinner with my family but it's just not a very happy time with Dad gone and Mom in poor health and not feeling up to doing anything. Last year Mom stayed home and wasn't even interested in dinner... which by the way is a bad sign. Holidays have always been so important to her but her body is just so worn out these days. I'm going to try to  put on a happy face, count my blessings, and be grateful for what time I have left with Mom.

(3) Samhain/Halloween! It's my favorite time of year and my favorite holiday/sabbat. I still haven't packed up my decorations from this year's Samhain LOL!!!

November 19 - Day 10 - 3 teachers who touched your life that you are thankful for.

(1) I vaguely remember my 4th Grade Teacher; I loved her at the time but can no longer remember why, nor can I remember her name. (sigh)

(2) Mrs. Corn, my 6ht grade Science Teacher and Home Room. I somewhat remember her; I can see her red hair cut like a longer version of the Dorthy Hamill hair style. She had critters in her classroom; I can't remember all the animals she had, except for one... a large Python or Boa that the kids loved to hold, until one day a student holding a mouse got a little to close to the student holding the snake and all heck broke loose! The student holding the snake ended up getting bit. I didn't actually see it happen... I just heard about it after the fact. I can't even remember if she was permitted to keep the snake in her classroom or not, but anyways... she was a great teacher... I actually enjoyed learning that year, but all I can remember is that she was "cool"; she was fun, patient, and nice.

(3) Mrs. Zuber, my English Teacher in College. I have never been one for school; I always struggled to make C's, I never fit in, I was uncomfortable, it was boring, etc... I ditched most my Junior and Senior years and ended up dropping out after my First Semester of my Senior year.  Several years, two children and ex-husband later I moved to a small hick town and attended the local community college for a couple of years where it was my pleasure to have Mrs. Zuber for English I, and English II and for some reason college classes were almost a breeze and to my delight and astonishment, I was making A's and B's. English was my favorite class and Mrs. Zuber encouraged me and inspired me to be a Teacher so I began taking classes towards that goal, unfortunately I could never grasp Algebra, and ended up giving up, but I will always remember Mrs. Zuber.

November 20 - Day 11 - 3 friends who have inspired you that you are thankful for.
Like I have mentioned before... friends were never my strong suit, being as I am too shy and too uncomfortable around people; friends for me are hard to come by.

(1) Dee Ann, my best friend since we were about 12 years old and 30 something years later, she's still my BFF but now lives in another State so I haven't seen her in many years; we do stay in touch via phone, email, and facebook though. I miss her dearly and I am so thankful that she came into my life... and had the patience to put up with all my BS growing up. I just wish she lived closer! LOVE YOU DEE ANN! <3

November 21 - Day 12 - 3things in Nature that you are thankful for.

(1) The Moon! How I  L O V E  the Moon! When she is at her fullest is my favorite of her phases, but I love her crescents as well. There is just something about looking up at the sky ans seeing her shining in the darkness that is so beautiful and magickal.

(2) Autumn! I love everything about it... from the changing colors, the cooler temps, the crisp air, the smells, and the energy!

(3) The forest! The forest has always been magickal to me; it gives me a sense of peace and sanctuary. The forest heals; I seek it when I am particularly down or stressed. Sometimes I walk around, and sometimes I sit by the river... I cry, I talk, I sit in contemplation, and when I leave I'm in a better frame of mind. I feel the closest to deity there; the whispering pines, the smells, the sound of the river, the birds singing... it's comforting.

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