"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... it is about learning to dance in the rain" (unknown)

"Without Darkness, there would be no Light" (unknown)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Let's Think Happy Thoughts, Shall We

1.            Tell me five things that make you happy...

A new book,
shopping for stones & crystals
visiting someplace new, like exploring ruins, trying a new restaurant, checking out a  
New Age shop, etc
Going to the Movies
Live Celtic music, especially a jig!

If ever you do feel down, what song or songs do you put on to cheer yourself up? 

Nickelback, Creed, Within Temptation… you know, something along 
those lines

Favorite food or Restaurants…

Lobster (Red Lobster) , Mexican food (Garcias) , pasta (Olive Garden), 
stomach just growled LOL
fresh baked gooey brownies, MMM! Macky’s Coconut Pie!  
…Oops, my stomach just growled LOL

Favorite smells…

A new book, scented candles, rain, the forest, Autumn… yes Autumn has a scent, and I  L O V E  it!

Current favorite shows…

The Secret Circle, The Vampire Diaries, Criminal Minds, NCIS

What’s your favorite time of year and why?

The Autumn is my all time favorite… the smells, the energy (yes the energy! It’s awesome!), Halloween/Samhain (yay! My fave holiday/sabat), the cooler temps, the changing colors, the transition to Winter (my second fave!)

Some of your favorite sounds…

A good thunderstorm!  Baby’s laughter, windchimes, birds singing, the wind whispering through the pine trees, a running creek, the sound of waves hitting the beach accompanied by the sound of seagulls (I miss the ocean!), my children laughing together

If I could travel anywhere and do anything, what would I do?

Visit Ireland, and Her ancient spiritual sites, old castles, the awesome witchy stores, the cliffs and beach, the rolling green countryside, the charming cottages, maybe a pub or two
Visit the Stonehenge!!!
Visit Scotland
Visit Australia
Visit my BFF in Washington… R E A L L Y  miss her!
Go to San Diego, Sea World, visit the waterfront shops and the beach
Go to the Harry Potter park in Florida!!
Visit Salem and all the cool witchy shops!

What do I want most in this lifetime?

To be rich LOL, to be healthy and happy, to know my family is healthy and happy, financial stability, to travel to the above listed places, but especially… Ireland and the Stonehenge!!!!

AND…. How about some Haiku Poetry by Me
On porches sitting
Bright jack-o-lanterns aglow
Welcoming children

Arms raised joyously
Witches greet beloved ancestors
Within their Circle

The bonfire burning
Warms the sacred ancient rite
Celebrates Samhain night

Autumn leaves scatter
Amongst garbed laughing children
Chanting trick-or-treat

Costumed figures run
Bags of candy held proudly
Knocking door to door

Candles on Altar
Flames dancing amongst decor
Representing Samhain

Cinnamon apples
Drizzled with Carmel and nuts
A Samhain delight!

I never was good at Haikus LOL but I feel better already :)  

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