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"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... it is about learning to dance in the rain" (unknown)

"Without Darkness, there would be no Light" (unknown)

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Rise Up

Heavy burdens
Dragged her down
Crushing her will, a great weight
grinding bones into dust
Grief's torment overwhelmed,
Streaking her face while purging phantoms

Taunting shadows parted
Giving way to strengthening light
Drying her tears with a shuttering breath,
She rose ready for battle
Refusing to be beat

Monday, November 12, 2018

Oracle Reading: The Underworld

A transformation is occuring, that is needed so that your life can become more authentic and easier for you. This process may include a change of course, or trials and tests. Keep moving!  Life may appear bleak for a time, but it is temporary. This process is occuring to make space for which you can create something new. Let it take you where you need to go. Be patient and trust the process.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Baaad Mug

I won a free surprise coffee mug from Baaad Mugz in a raffle. It took awhile to reach me because it traveled all the way from Canada to Arizona, but it finally arrived!

It's been sitting in the postal box for a few days because the darn key (or the lock) is a bitch to work/open. I've tried leaving a note informing the carrier of the issue, but the post office has not deemed it necessary to fix the problem, so today I got smart and took pliers with me. I thought maybe, just maybe, I could turn the key with pliers (and hopefully not break the key) and guess what happened? It worked!!!

Whallah! My new mug from Baaad Mugz:

...And now you know why it's called 
Baaad Mugz **big grin**  I LOVE it!!!

Friday, November 9, 2018

Autumn Longing

Glistening raindrops cling to leaves
Decorating Autum's foliage
Trembling on dark branches
Amongst the swirling mist of dawn
Whispering secrets
Foretelling Winter's embrace 

In the southwestern portion of Arizona we are not blessed with the glorious colors that favor other portions of the United States this time of year (or even in Northern AZ). I have to make due with admiring photos of trees in stunning reds and golds on the internet, and using my imagination.

Looking at these photos, I can almost feel the chilly wetness kissing my face, the refreshing, misty wind teasing my hair,  and the smell of damp rich earth!

(big sigh of longing)

How I wish I could enjoy the gorgeous Fall foliage that graces my non-Arizonan friends days. Can we switch locations for a day?

Photo by Steve Gravano

Photo by Bjorgvin Gudmundsson

Photo by John Lehat

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Dark Siren

Pale blue-green eyes
gazed through the dark haze,
haunting shadows
danced in their aqua depths

Dark siren's song wooed,
tempting her deeper

Lost in pain and loneliness
disease seeped into her being
spreading numbness
while depleting her energy

Dark siren's song lulled,
willing sleep,
silencing her reality

Determination fought back
awakening tenacity
slicing through bleakness
illuminating her purpose

Dark siren's song beckoned
tirelessly, tempting

Refusing capitulation
she rallied her inner fortitude
waging an exhausting battle,
detangling dark grasping tentacles
...a warrior was born

Dark siren smiled a challenge;
she smiled back

Challenge accepted!

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Spiritual Self Care Day

I've been really struggling with this damned  depression, and I knew I had to find something to get my butt out of bed for this weekend, so when I was reminded that my local Witchy shop was having an event, I set my alarm to go. A spiritual self care day sounded like great medicine to me.

When my alarm went off this morning, I seriously thought about just staying in bed. I didn't feel like getting up or going anywhere, but I forced myself out of bed,  got ready, and left the house... feeling rather numb, and drove 30 minutes to my destination.

The owner of Tanja's was celebrating the anniversary of her shop with a day of cookies, tea, $15 card readings, $15 minute reiki sessions, pet readings, and $5/5 minute chair massage (I got 2).


My card reading made me cry, mainly because my mom came through. It was really good to hear that she's happy and surrounded by "a large group of people" which I presume is our family on the other side. How I miss her... and hurt. The pain never really goes away, but receiving her message gave me some comfort. 

The cards themselves gave me confirmation about something that I have been thinking lately... that I have wondered about myself. In short, the cards said that I help people on a spiritual level. It's good to hear that I make a difference. The cards also said my depression will pass, and that I will have the support of new female friends... recently entering life, or coming into my life soon.

The pet reading was fun. The woman gave me info about my sister's deceased cat, and our two living cats as well. She described my Tigger and my son's Mina as yin and yang, describing Tigger as a very kicked-back personality, and Mina as a mean Alpha. It made me laugh,  because she really hit the mark, there! She also said (regarding Mina) that she got a vision of a boat. I then explained to her that Mina was found in a boat when she was a kitten, and her name is actually Marina for that reason, but I call her Mina because of her personality. I thought that was a pretty cool confirmation.


The chair massage was nice. The woman found several knots around my shoulder blades and along the sides of my spine. Her hands massaged and applied direct pressure, loosening my trapezoids and relaxing my back. I wish I could have done a longer session, but the too-short mini session was relaxing and beneficial.

The reiki session.... well, I didn't feel anything,  but I tend not to feel energies. I'm uncertain if it did anything for me or not. She did say that I have a large energy field, and my chakras are spinning, but slowly. She also mentioned that in gifted but closed off.  I've been told that before... I don't know how to open myself. 

When I ask how to open myself, I get a vision of a closed door... a dark green, almost black, wooden cottage looking door, with a rounded top, and flowers hanging (or painted) above the door, surrounded by stucco walls. I'm guessing I need to visualize opening that door. I'll have to work on that.


Afterwards, I browsed the shop and found a Halloween Oracle deck, that I just had to have. It speaks to my dark side and my love of Halloween... depicting skulls, skeletons, graves, the moon, owls, a black cat, a cauldron, and more. By the time I left, it was 2 hours later, I felt a bit lighter. I'm  glad that I forced myself to go.

Depression is a bitch, but you can't let it win. You have to fight it... and today I did.
Tomorrow I'll fight it some more.

Keep fighting ❤