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"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... it is about learning to dance in the rain" (unknown)

"Without Darkness, there would be no Light" (unknown)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Progress Pending

In my last post I was going to make a goddess poppet, but this weekend didn't go as planned. I did however find some yarn I think will work nicely for hair. I love the colors!

In the meantime, here are more etsy finds... just click on the photos to go to the shop page!

I love this teacup altar shrine! You an find it at Leighs Wiccan Boutique.

This is a unique necklace, an embroidered moon and flower! 
By Magick Forest Garden

Here's a darling charm bracelet with a Harry Potter theme, beautiful! 
By On A Spelled Wind.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Crafty Ponderings

I'm in the crafty mood and thinking about adding other items besides my paintings, to my etsy shop. Today, I thought, "I should make a goddess doll... or maybe I will make a goddess poppet filled with herbs and rose petals!  Oooo I like that idea!"  Well, if this mood holds through my day off, I might have to give it a try, and of course I will be sure to post it here as well as in my shop. I'm excited about the idea and wondering what I will come up with.

I'm also wanting to incorporate paintings with pagan appeal, but I'm still thinking about that project. I have various ideas running through my head; I jut haven't decided on one yet, although... I'm leaning towards recreating my Element coloring I did in markers during Earth week (Soul Coaching) in watercolor on a canvas.                                                                                  

If any of you readers have any ideas for a pagan watercolor project, I'd love to hear them... feel free to fire away :-)

In the meantime, I found some more etsy items to share!

I saw this sterling silver skull and bones bracelet and thought of my friend Magaly at Pagan Culture, she loves bones!  You can find this very cool bracelet at etsy... just click on the photo to visit the shop.

Then I found this beautiful mirror by TMJ Rapson aka Tamara Rapson. Wouldn't it be great for an altar, or even to hang on a wall?  I love it!

Check out this unique pendulum from Crowning Elements; it has a very Steampunk look, doesn't it? How cool is that!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Etsy Finds

So as an Etsy shop owner I am meeting new people and joining new teams, and one of my Team Leaders gave me a brilliant idea! I'm going to endeavor to share wonderful finds from my fellow etsy team members to aid in promoting their shops, starting now. Check out these great finds!

Look at this gorgeous necklace, and how about this cute voodoo doll!

How about some Elderberry Elixer or an OrganicTattoo Salve! I wish
I had some of this salve when I got my tattoo; it sounds wonderful!

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Coloring My Feelings with Soul Coaching

As part of my Soul Coaching activities, one of today's agenda items was to draw a picture representing my feelings. I had a combination of feelings today, so I drew something representing Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, but the more I look at it, I can't help but wonder if there is more to this picture.

If I were a Christian, I would say this either (1) represents Earth burning in Hell, being that our World has become so full of hate,  murder, rage, and torment, or (2) the End Times. I am not a Christian, however, so what does this represent to me as a Pagan? Hmm, let's break this down...

The Wind, obviously represents Air. The properties of Air are communication, intellect, thinking, ideas, imagination, and breath. In this picture, Air is very active; it is swirling and blowing, perhaps gusting... possibly a storm of ideas and imagination?

The tree represents the One Tree, is connected to all three realms, which in turn connects all the realms together. The tree here is sturdy and calm in the raging wind, and demonstrates stability, holding its connection to the realms with steady fortitude.

The  World represents Earth and Water. Earth's properties include prosperity, nature, stability, reality, practicality, and sense of duty. Water's properties include emotions, cleansing, sensitivity, inconsistency, imagination, and adaption. 

The flames represent Fire. Fire's properties include energy, defiance, temper, governance, passion, sexuality, cleansing, transformation and spontaneity. Fire appears to be engulfing Earth and Water possibly cleansing the Earth/World... OR perhaps it represents transformation. Well, that thought hit a note within me, so there's my answer. Now the question is... 

Does this transformation pertain to me, as this picture was drawn to represent my feelings, or does it pertain to our World?  I'm thinking, both.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cats Are Like...

My current project is almost finished, I'm just trying to decide which word placement I like better... #1 or #2. They are the same painting, just taken at different times of the day, so try to ignore the color differences, and focus on the words at the bottom.

I took a vote on facebook, and #1 was the winner. Here is the finished product...

These cute cats will be added to my etsy shop soon!  

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring is Here

Spring has sprung and I have been a busy girl. As you know I opened an etsy shop for my artwork. My painting has slowed down some, mainly because I have recently began a 28 day program/book called Soul Coaching written by Denise Linn I post regularly at my other blog Positive Warfare if you are interested in my Soul Coaching journey; to day was day 11.

Here are some pics I took of the yard. The Dandelion and Verbana have taken over, and if you look closely at the Dandelion pic, you can see the Yarrow is coming back, although it hasn't flowered yet; the leaves sure are pretty though!

The Irises have bloomed

The Mulberry Tree is budding, at last!