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Monday, June 4, 2012

Knights in Tarot (Pagan Blog Project "K")

Knights are about changes, action, challenges, and travel or movement. When related to an individual Knights represent young adults from teen to the young adult years, i.e. twenties, or someone that behaves similar to the age groups. They are more emotional, more innocent and possibly naive, more cynical and judgmental, and more energetic and spontaneous than an older individual; they are also more prone to anger outbursts, arguments and more apt to fight for their beliefs, etc.

Knight of Wands (Fire) may indicate exciting travel, exotic or new places to explore,  rapid change, perhaps flexing energy levels, competition, wild, impulsive, and/or unexpected actions, behavior or change. If this card represents an individual, this person is carefree, spontaneous and is all about the fun and attention. He/she may be headstrong, a risk taker, a bully or bossy type, selfish, undependable but can be fiercely loyal.

Knight of Cups (Water) may indicate water related travel, fluctuating emotions that may be all over the scale especially relating to relationships. If this represents an individual, he/she may be the romantic, dreamy, sensitive type, spiritual, artistic, a very moody emotional person, maybe prone to depression, prone to drug or alcohol use as an escape, and also a fiercely loyal.

Knight of Swords (Air) may indicate air travel, rapid thoughts, actions, or changes that seem to quickly appear and disappear, too much thinking, feelings of restlessness or boredom, an inclination to argue or stew, or something that is mentally stimulating. If this represents a person, he/she is very smart, maybe too smart for his or her own good, very talkative, logical, inquisitive, augmentative, and social, a great problem solver with a smart mind and sharp tongue that may cause problems for himself/herself. This individual may not stop to think about consequences or other peoples feelings before speaking but a great person to have on your side.

Knight of Pentacles (Earth) may indicate land based travel i.e. walking, hiking, cycling, etc., slow consistent steady change, action, or behavior. If this represents a person, he/she may be the type that has more than one thing going on (projects, jobs, studies, etc). He/she is very serious, studious and always looking to the future based on dreams and wants, but is not a planner and is unprepared for the unexpected. This person wants to fit in but not stand out, and will require his/her own space to retreat to. He/she is very materialistic and wants the best of everything and perhaps the type of person to have champagne taste on a beer budget. He/she has strong work ethics, very organized, but has a fear of failure.

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