"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... it is about learning to dance in the rain" (unknown)

"Without Darkness, there would be no Light" (unknown)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Black is Beautiful (Pagan Blog Project, Week 4)

Black is my absolute favorite color, and I wear it often especially to work, in fact I am fondly called Elvira by one of my co-workers LOL of course it could be that I also have long dark hair. Some people find it strange that I wear black so often; I have been asked if I'm a Goth (even though I don't wear make-up), and I have had it commented that I look like I'm in constant mourning. I take in all in stride, because I really don't care what other people think about what I wear. I love the color black and I like how I look in black... that's all that matters, besides it's a professional color... good for the work place.

So let's talk about black. In psychology the color black is protection against external stress, a barrier from the outside world. It hides insecurities such as poor self esteem; however black also depicts power, mystery, sophistication, strength, control, authority, and even sexuality.

Other facts:
* Black absorbs light
* Black is the absence of all color
* In fashion the color black is always stylish and never out of style... it goes
   with anything and it is slimming; it can be conservative or sexy.
* In business black signifies success, strength, and professionalism
   (aha! see! LOL)
* On the darker side, black is a symbol of death, menace, and evil.

Historically the color black is associated with the night, darkness, the unknown, and the fear of things that go bump in the night or lurk in the dark; therefore black is a bad (not). It is linked to death as it is associated with the Black Death, the Grim Reaper, the Underworld; furthermore in old films bad guys are depicted as always wearing black (the good guys in white)... Black is Dark and White is Light. Black cats are considered bad omens, at least in Western history; they are omens of misfortune and death... as is the Raven for that matter. 

In magick however, the color black is considered to be just the opposite; it is protective and a symbol of the night, the Element Earth, and the direction North.  Black is used in magickal work for protection, banishing, returning to sender, reversals, and divination. 

Other magickal correspondences for the color black include: 
Samhain, the Dark Moon (Balsamic Moon), Kali (Hindu Goddess), Anu (Celtic Goddess), Freya (Scandinavian Goddess), Hecate (Greek Goddess), Hera (Greek Goddess), Morrigan (Celtic Goddess), Persephone (Greek Goddess), Nyx (Greek Goddess, Anubis (Egyptian God), Hades (Greek God), Odin (Scandinavian God), Osiris (Egyptian God), Quetzalcoatl (Aztec God), Set (Egyptian God), Thanatos (Greek God), and Thunor (Germanic God).

Some great black stones to wear or carry:
Onyx- defense against negativity, fortifies self confidence, aids in releasing grief and sorrow
Apache Tear (Obsidian)- grounding and protection, absorbs negative energy
Hematite- (although it is silvery I consider it a black stone) improving relationships, grounding, aids in memory and knowledge, supports your hopes and wishes, balancing.
Jet- protection, purification, power, healing

The Black Cat 
No matter their color, cats were worshipped in Ancient Egypt 
and are associated with the Egyptian Goddess Bastet who is 
depicted as a black cat; cats are also associated the Roman Goddess Diana who often takes the form of a cat.
Some people may believe that black cats are bad omens but to Witches... 
we consider black cats to be good luck
and personally... 
I think black cats are extra special.

The Raven
Ravens mean different things to different Traditions. In Native American lore they are honored by Shamans and considered bearers of magick, and messengers of the spirit world; ravens were called upon to aid in clarity of visions; they are also called upon for long distance healing. In Celtic lore ravens are important totems associated with the Goddesses Morrigan and Morgan Le Fay. The Celts consider the raven as one the oldest and wisest of animals, and sometimes a messenger or omen. In other lore ravens are associated with astral travel, dream work, prophecy, and divination.

Black is Beautiful :)


  1. I had a wonderful black cat we adopted with his brother who was a tabby. Spookie - was a diabetic cat who loved the sun. He would sit in the sun beams soaking up the rays. He didn't want to play like his brother - he wanted to be worshiped.

  2. Black cats are special! Zena, my black beauty, has become my warrior princess. She always has to walk in front of me, like a scout who is ready to pounce at any sign of trouble. She doesn't like to be held, but will sit on my lap for a snooze at times.

    I have always worn a lot of black. It goes with everything and makes me look more slender. Spiritually, when I reflect on all the black I wore, I believe I wore it for protection and also with being connected to Raven vision and guidance.

  3. I totally agree, black is the best! Like you, I love how it makes me look and feel. :)