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Friday, January 13, 2012

Arianrhod (Pagan Blog Project "A" Week 2)

Arianrhod, pronounced AHR-ee-an-r`hod, or ahr-ree-AHN-rhohd), is a Welsh Moon Mother Goddess. The breakdown of her name is Arian meaning 'silver', Rhod meaning 'wheel' or "disc"... silver wheel/disc. She is the primal female power figure, goddess of reincarnation, the Full Moon, Wheel of the Year, and fertility. Arianrhod rules Caer Sidi, her magickal realm (star/island) in the Corona Borealis (a small constellation in the northern sky aka Northern Crown), a place where dead souls go to await reincarnation; she lives there with her various female attendants presiding over the fate of departed souls.

Arianrhod mated with whomever she chose, without question until a magician by the name of Math claimed that she had conceived of two children she never bore. It is the traditional Welsh belief that by jumping a staff she gave birth to her two sons, Llew and Dylan, the gods of Light and Dark.

She is commonly invoked to contact a spirit, to assist a female in finding her feminine power, to assist in fertility, for sex magick, to gain knowledge of a past life, assist in healing, and to bless a handfastings and initiations.

Arianrhod is also known to shape shift into an owl. Using her owl eyes she can see into the darkness of a person's soul, and with her owl wings she can move gracefully through the night, spreading comfort, providing healing, and consolation to anyone seeking her.

Pantheon: Celtic
Element: Air, Water
Colors: Silver, White, Blue, Purple, Green 
Symbol: Silver Wheel
Animal: Owl
Herbs: Birch
Sabbat: Yule
Stones: Moonstone, Geodes
Day of the Week: Monday
Moon Phase: Full
Time: Midnight
Offerings: Silver Coins, Wheat, White & Green Candles

death & rebirth
moon magick
spiritual messenger


  1. Lovely images of Arianrhod; she is one of the Goddesses I am drawn to. Nice to see a post about her!

  2. Beautiful, thank you for sharing!

  3. Thanks for sharing this info! She is an interesting Goddess.