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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Purple Goldstone

Is this not a gorgeous stone? Look at the sparkles and patterns! It's man made in a lab, the purple variation of goldstone, but isn't it beautiful? I love the deep purple color! I found this particular stone at my favorite store in the Arizona Mills Mall a few years ago... Black Market Minerals. I can spend hours in that store!

HISTORY: Goldstone has been around since the Rennaisance period when early Monks were working in a glass factory, practicing alchemy via a fortunate happenstance, some molten copper was tipped into a container of molten glass which crystallized into thousands of tiny crystals forming a gorgeous melt with sparkles in it, and "monkstone aka goldstone" was born. Yes, sometimes accidents are wonderous things!

HEALING PROPERTIES: Purple Goldstone aka Purple Sandstone, being a crystalline entity containing copper and manganese is considered a healing stone; it is beneficial in increasing blood flow, reducing inflammation, as well as stabilizing emotions, and encouraging one to remain calm. Because of its copper content it is also an energy generator, and protects against negative energy. Purple Goldstone is associated with the Heart, Throat, and Third Eye Chakras; it aids in opening psychic awareness.

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