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Monday, December 5, 2011

Pagan Readers Challenge for 2012... YAY!

2012 Pagan Reading Challenge

I have decided to join the Pagan Readers Challenge for 2012. I  L O V E  to read, so this could be fun; however I am mostly a fiction reader and lose interest in non-fiction fairly quickly... BUT the good thing is, the rules say I don't have to read cover to cover, I can just read parts as long as I do LOOK at all the pages... and I am permitted to reread books, and I own LOTS of non-fiction pagan and spiritual books. I have posted on the side bar as well... where I will log my books as I go. I may or may not blog as I read... depends on my mood.

Oh but wait! The rules also say I can include fictional books with a distinct pagan flavor... YAY!

The link....

The rules copied and pasted from Domestic Pagan...
This challenge will begin January 1, 2012 and end December 31, 2012.

Books read between now and January 1, 2012 will not count.

Books that can be counted will include nonfiction books that are about spirituality, magick, the occult, nature, myths, or the paranormal. They can be reference, how to, informative, encyclopedias, or memoir. Fictional books that can be counted are anything that has to do with the paranormal, magick, witchcraft, or have a distinctly pagan flavor to the story such as The Divine Sisters of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells.

You may include books of any format including traditional  books, ebooks, or audiobooks.

You may reread books.

Reference books are not usually read cover to cover so I will bend the rules here. You do not have to read the book from cover to cover, but you do have to look at EVERY page in the book.

Choose a level. Levels may be changed throughout the year.
Novice  Read 1 - 5 books
Initiate Read 5 -10 books
Beginner Read 11 - 15 books
Intermediate Read 16 - 20 books
Advanced Read 21 - 25 books
Adept Read 26 -30 books
High Priest/Priestess Read 31 - 35 books
Elder Read  Read 36 - 40 books
God/Goddess Read 41+ books

If you would like to share your level, please leave it in the comments on the announcement post. If you have any questions or comments you may leave leave them on the announcement post or email me at thedomesticpagan@yahoo.com

Please place the 2012 Pagan Reading Challenge banner on your blog

Additional Challenges
Post reviews of all the books you read

Books on magick, the occult, and spirituality are not just meant to be read. Blog, tweet, or post statuses about the things you try from the books that you have read.

Read all that you can about your tradition

Read a book or two that are outside of your tradition. Way out if you dare. For example, if you are Gardnerian Wiccan read a book on shamanism or High Magick.

Read what the Bible has to say about magick and witchcraft or read books that speak against witchcraft and the occult. I double dog dare you.

Read books by authors you find controversial (such as Silver Ravenwolf)

If you are advanced or adept, read or reread books for beginners

Read about a skill you would like to develop such as tarot reading, Reiki, or communicating with the dead

Read about the history of Wicca, witchcraft, and paganism

Read about what really happened during The Burning Times

Make your own grimoire or book of shadows

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