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Monday, October 24, 2011

Tonight's Cards & Sunday's Cards

Tonight's (Monday's) Cards
Tonight Mut dropped out, and I drew Haumea, then with my Ascended Masters deck I drew Epona.

(1) Mut says: "It is time to mother yourself. Healing awaits." As Nut fell out during the shuffle, this card has a special message for me. Mut's name means Mother; she is honored as the Mother of Mothers. The Egyptians believed that Mut gave birth to the Cosmos. She is often depicted with the head of a vulture; according to their beliefs, the vulture bore the ability to reproduce without a male. For any woman that bears wounds from maternal relationships, Mother Mut invites us to find healing within ourselves. She tells us that although we cannot change the past we are able to fulfill any needs that remain unresolved. I have actually been working on healing myself via shadow work and CoDA, so this card goes along with that; it also says don't dwell on my past mistakes, focus on NOW and go forward and heal :)

(2) Haumea says: "You will safely give birth to something powerful." Haumea is a Polynesian Goddess who was accredited for teaching women how to give birth by pushing their babies out through the vulva. Folklore dictates that before they were taught natural childbirth, their babies were cut from their wombs like our modern day C-Section. Another myth claims that the Goddess Pele was born from Haumea's armpit; this indicates the awesome fertility of Haumea, for all life could be born from all of her body parts; she was credited for giving birth to all creatures of the Earth; she is also the Goddess of Vegetation. This card goes nicely with Mut, and says through healing, I will give birth to something amazing.

(3) Epona's card says "Crystals" this card indicates that I would benefit from working with crystals. Epona is the Fairy Queen and knows the value of connecting withe spirit of nature. Anyone that knows me, knows I    L O V E  crystals and stones, with that in mind, this card indicates that I might have a life purpose working with crystals. I'd love to learn how to do that, but workshops are ridiculously expensive! But I do love them, and I collect them... just can't resist LOL. This card indicates that I should use crystals to assist the healing process.

So reading all three cards together, I get:  Don't dwell on the past, focus on NOW;go forward and heal. By nurturing myself, and focusing on healing myself, I will give birth to something amazing, and working with crystals will benefit this process.

C O O L, I like this reading!

Sunday's Cards
All day Sunday I felt icky... very low energy and light headed, just plain bleck! I basically slept all day; I got up just long enough to take my son to work, then went back home and slept until 6 PM, took a shower, went grocery shopping, put them away, watched Netflix until it was time to pick up my son, returned home, watched TV a little more, retired to my bedroom, did a reading with my Goddess Inspiration deck, but didn't feel up to powering up my puter to type it all out last night, so I'm doing it tonight LOL.

While shuffling, two cards fell out together; they were Sarasvati and Spider Woman... both indian deity, although from two separate regions of the World... Sarasvati, Eastern Indian, and Spider Woman, Western Indian, and interestingly enough, both these goddesses are related to teaching and creating.

Sarasvati is the Hindu Goddess of Knowledge; graceful and beautiful, she is held in special esteem by students, writers, and musicians. Her aspects include Wisdom, Education, and Music. She is able to banish all ignorance, and bring education to anyone desiring enlightenment. She is sometimes pictured accompanied by a swan. The swan represents the ability to distinguish actions that are good and sincere from actions that are insincere. She is also depicted as sitting on a lotus which symbolizes absolute truth.

Her card says:
"Enlightenment awaits you. Prepare for it."

Spider Woman is the Native American Goddess of Creation; all creatures are connected through Her woven web. Spider Woman existed before the World; she created the four directions of the universe with her spinning and chanting. Within the sacred space of the universe, she produced her daughters, Ut Set and Nau Ut Set, who by following their Mother's directions, created the Sun, Moon and stars while Mother Spider spun her web and created all of life and formed the mountains, lakes, oceans, deserts, and all the different races of people from colored clays; each human being was connected to her with her last bit of thread from her web. Spider Woman is known as the Creator of Life, the Great Teacher, Protector, and Mother. Her aspects include Connections, Creation, and Diversity. She is the Sacred guardian overseeing the welfare of all those in need.
Her card says:
"Find a way to connect the threads."

Hmm... these cards actually go together very well; together, they are telling me that by connecting the threads I will find enlightenment. But now I'm trying to figure out what this is applying to in my life because at this present time, I am not faced with a puzzling situation and/or a problem needing a solution; things have actually settled down and been pretty quiet lately, so maybe this is something entering my life... something in my near future??? Or maybe it is simply reinforcing something that is passing from my life, telling me "See, I told you everything would be ok!" AND  "If you are patient and persevere, things WILL work out; you WILL find a solution!"  OR, maybe this reading IS the puzzle, because it's sure making me puzzled LOL

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